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 Q: Do I need to order DuraFlex® Moulding preformed to match a curve or do we order it straight and form it on the job?

You will need to order the material preformed to match a curve. Imagine taking a belt and laying it flat on a wall and then trying to bend the ends down toward the floor to create an arch, the belt will buckle and so would our moulding. 

Yet the same belt will wrap around something easily, the same is true of our DuraFlex Moulding.

For 1/2 round windows or openings the measurement we need is the RADIUS and the width of the base of the opening. The radius is the distance between the mid-point of the base line and the edge of the 1/2 round opening.

For arched door entries and other arched openings, we will need two measurements; WIDTH and RISE. The width is the widest distance at the base of the arch and the rise is the largest distance between the base and the top of the arch. To help calculate this, please use our online RADIUS CALCULATOR. 

For Elliptical windows, please provide us with a template.

Q: How do I calculate the footage of DuraFlex Moulding material needed for a RADIUS or ARCH opening?

If opening is true 1/2 round, like the RADIUS shown above, add the width of the casing to the radius and multiply by 3.146 and divide by 12, then round up to the nearest foot. 

If the opening is an ARCH (segment head) add the width of the opening and the rise in the center of the arch and add 12 inches, then round up to the nearest foot. 

Q: How do I stain DuraFlex Mouldings?

 If you  stain DuraFlex Moulding, be sure to use a heavily pigmented water based stain. You can also mix tints or stains into a clear glazing liquid available at most paint stores. Wipe or brush stain to desired color and apply a clear top coat finish.

Q: Is DuraFlex Moulding temperature sensitive?

DuraFlex Moulding is a Polyurethane based product and is less flexible when stored at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Before installing allow DuraFlex to reach room temperature somewhere between 60-80 degrees F.

Q: Can you use DuraFlex Moulding for Exterior applications?

YES! All DuraFlex Mouldings are suitable for external use.

Q: Can DuraFlex Mouldings be nailed and glued like regular wood mouldings?

YES! Pneumatic pin nailers work well and even better when nails end are ground blunt and not pointed. Nails should be kept 6" apart and 3/8" for any edge. Pre-drilling is not necessary when using #6 or smaller finish nails.

Some installers use only glue adhesives and no nails at all. Gel Super Glue combined with panel adhesives do the job well when no nails are used.

Q: Can DuraFlex Mouldings be cut, shaped or sanded like wood mouldings?

YES! DuraFlex can be cut, shaped or sanded using standard woodworking equipment. However, if a wood grain is on the moulding, sanding will remove the wood grain finish.

Q: I have a custom moulding profile, can you match this in DuraFlex Moulding?

YES! Just send us 14' of the moulding you need in flex and we will create a DuraFlex Moulding to match. Please see our custom orders page for more details.