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Polyurethane construction adhesive behind and at miter joints in addition to pneumatic pin nailing is recommended. Use of tape or clamps may be helpful in securing material in position while adhesives bond. Always install Flexible Moulding first is a relaxed non-tensile state. Nails should be kept to a minimum and 3/8” from any edge.

For best results, we recommend using Duraflex Adhesive– our fast-drying super-hold adhesive. Perfect for eliminating nail holes, where there are no studs to nail into, or at seams for a close, neat fit. For even faster installation, use our Instant Adhesive Accelerator.


Material can be cut, shaped and sanded using standard woodworking equipment. Note that the wood grain on Stain grade material is only on the surface and will be eliminated if sanded.


The use of water based stain such as Minwax works well. Apply with brush or rag and wipe off. Additional coats may be applied if necessary to match wood. Be sure to allow first coat to dry completely before applying more stain. Finish with clear coat after staining.


Primer coats are not recommended. Use water based Acrylic Latex Paint. When using Alkyd Enamels an exterior primer such as Kilz® is required. When using Alkyd Enamels additional drying time may be necessary. Never paint before installation. The material is flexible and the paint may crack during installation.

Installing Columns

Click here to view a printable PDF of our installation recommendations.

Click here to view a printable PDF of how to install Hollow Column Uplift Connections